Secure Honored at St. Paul ’s Legacy Wall Donor Appreciation Luncheon

Secure Transportation is recognized nationwide for reliable transportation services. That’s what we strive for every day. So we’re both proud and humbled when we’re recognized for doing something equally important: giving back.

Just a few weeks ago, St. Paul’s Senior Services held their annual Legacy Wall Donor Appreciation Luncheon, where they honored Secure Transportation and other donors for charitable giving.

Over the course of our relationship with St. Paul’s, we’ve continuously supported its mission to cultivate an inter-faith environment that promotes independence and choice at all stages of life, in service to the physical, social and spiritual needs of the elderly. This work is particularly important to us because so many of their clients are our clients as well.

Here’s what they had to say about us:

The Legacy Wall donor recognition sculpture honors the lifetime giving of St. Paul’s supporters. Over the past year, Secure Transportation has joined the distinguished class of individuals and organizations who have either qualified for entry onto the Legacy Wall, or have advanced to a higher giving threshold. Secure Transportation’s lifetime charitable giving to St. Paul’s has reached $70,390 which places you at the Wayfarer level of the Legacy Wall. Congratulations on this important milestone!

The Legacy Wall was installed in 2005 to publicly honor those who have given to St. Paul’s. In the words of staffer Stewart Gaddy, it “…exemplifies the philanthropic hearts that have recognized the importance of the work being done at St. Paul’s throughout the years.”

St. Paul’s work providing quality communities, health care, and innovative programs to seniors in their care well worth supporting. We couldn’t be more proud to do it.

Of course, St. Paul’s community is filled with many loving people offering their support, which is why we’re also proud to support the St. Paul’s and Love Uniting Volunteers’ 2016 LUV Gala, coming up on Saturday, August 13 in San Diego. If you’d like to join us in supporting the great work St. Paul’s does, come on out. Visit their site to learn more.


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