COVID-19 PPE Equipment Update

Shortage of PPE

Secure Transportation has been in the process of proactively ordering additional PPE equipment for our drivers and front-line personnel. Due to the high demand across the United States PPE products, our current order has had several delays. Currently, we are looking at a delivery date of April 21.

Coming Together to Be Part of the Solution

As a result, one of our Secure Transportation Families has volunteered to produce reusable masks for our drivers and front-line employees. We are anticipating delivery of these masks by Friday, April 10. While we await this delivery, drivers are encouraged to use their own masks or scarves as needed to stay safe.

This ingenuity and thoughtfulness is truly an example of all four of our values:
People First, Do The Right Thing, Set the Bar and Through the Door.

Although the family who is responsible for making these masks has asked to remain anonymous, we are most grateful to them and their willingness to put the health and well-being of our employees first. Our thanks goes out to them for their generosity and kindness during these difficult and trying times.


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