Three Doctors, Two Wheelchairs, and a Happy Wife

Providing exceptional, reliable non-emergency medical transportation services is something we do every day. Even so, when someone takes the time to show their appreciation, it makes us feel great about the work we do. So when one of our members expressed his gratitude for helping him bring his wife along for a series of doctors’ visits, we wanted to share.

DSC_1489Secure member Tommy Bailey recently had a series of three appointments at two locations to see heart specialists in St. Louis – all on the same day. Usually, Tommy’s family takes him to these appointments, but on this occasion they just weren’t available. So Tommy called Secure Transportation.

Because both Tommy and his wife use a wheelchair, she usually isn’t able to go with him – there’s just not enough room for both chairs. With Secure, the wheelchairs were no problem. That was exciting for both of them, because it meant that for the first time, Tommy’s wife could go with him to meet his doctors.

After making it to all three appointments on time, and with his wife there for support, Tommy made a point to call out the driver’s excellent service. Although his family would happily take him to his future appointments, Tommy said he wouldn’t hesitate to rely on Secure Transportation the next time he and the family needs a little extra help.


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