A Veteran’s Thanks

Secure Transportation takes great pride in the daily services we provide to America’s veterans. Since we became transportation partners with the VA in 1992, helping veterans get to their medical appointments has become a sizable portion of the 5,000 non-emergency medical trips we provide every day. So when veterans take time from their busy day to send us a note of thanks, like Regina M. Anderson recently did, it reminds how fortunate we are to be able to serve those who gave so much to serve so many.

Regina’s Letter

Dear Secure Transportation:
The Anderson family wishes to thank you for the extraordinary service you provide in support of veterans. It’s unprecedented for a company to deliver the quality of service we get almost every day.

Each week, I go to the clinic for my appointments. The drivers are always very polite, showing manners and courtesy. Earl, Rey and Vera each go beyond regular duties and take great care with my comfort, care and safety. Other veterans I speak to say the same. I thought we should write a letter to express our gratitude for the exceptional service they provide.

I have been in the VA’s care for almost twenty years, and Secure Transportation has done the best job of supporting veterans of any company I’ve ever come in contact with. The thanks we can give you is so small compared to what your company’s employees do for veterans like us.

Thank you so much.

Regina M. Anderson
spouse of Stewart W. Anderson


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