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Schedule Your Transportation

Save time and book your medical trips in advance using our new Itineris Passenger™ mobile application.

Features Include:

  • Quickly schedule each trip in under a minute
  • Easy to use intuitive interface
  • Remembers your destinations for faster selection
  • Automatically maps your trip with a timeline itinerary
  • Cancel upcoming trips with a simple click
  • Receive status notifications of your scheduled trip
  • No more calling to book your trips
  • Wheelchair service available


Schedule Your Transportation For Your Members

Comprehensive and Easy Scheduling Management

  • Intuitive interface
  • Schedule New trips in under a minute
  • One-stop scheduling access for multiple members
  • Verifies current enrollment prior to scheduling a trip
  • Remembers previously visited destinations
  • Can ensure members only visit medical facilities
  • Recommends pick-up times and routes based on appointment time
  • Easily cancel upcoming trips
  • Access to trip histories
  • Manage future trips requests
  • Repeat previous trip routines quickly
  • Create reverse routes for round trips

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