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Why Partner With Secure?

  • Revenue Stability
  • No Hassle Billing Process
  • Weekly Payments
  • Pay Increase During Off-Peak Hours
  • Approved Payable Wait Time
  • Growth Potential Based On Performance
  • Access To State Of The Art Technologies
  • Group Purchasing Power
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Who is Secure Transportation?

As a transportation company working with transportation companies, we better understand the challenges you face and can set real attainable expectations.

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    If you are interested in becoming a Secure Partner, the first step is to fill out this prequalification form.

    If you prefer a written prequalification form mailed to you, please call our office at 1-800-856-9994

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    About Secure Transportation

    Secure Transportation is an experienced passenger transportation company devoted to providing the absolute highest level of service and professionalism for its clients. We offer a range of services including transportation planning, assistance and reservations throughout California and across the U.S.

    Founded in 1980 as a family business, we knew that anyone could provide a vehicle and a driver, but not everyone understood the true meaning of good service. We’re willing to say yes when others might say no, and we make the extra call and drive the extra mile. We understood that then and we understand that now. Secure continues to be a family-run business.

    Secure Transportation
    13111 Meyer Rd, Whittier, CA 90605
    (800) 856-9994